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Privacy policy

§ 1

  1. The owner of the website in the domain (“Service”) is Śpiący Rycerz Sp.z o.o., with registered office in Wrocław at ul. Racławicka 15/19, NIP [Tax ID number] 895-19-42-384, Regon 020929128, for which the District Court for Wrocław Fabryczna, VI Economic Department, keeps KRS [National Court Register] 0000325583, represented by: (hereinafter called “Śpiący Rycerz”).
  2. Śpiący Rycerz makes all possible effort so that the data presented in this Service is complete, up-to-date and true. However the company cannot make any guarantees in connection with the data, and -as a result- is not liable for the outcomes of using the presented data, and in particular for any losses caused as a result of using the data for making investment-related decisions.
  3. Data published in this Service has exclusively informative purpose and does not constitute offer as understood in Civil Code regulations.
  4. Śpiący Rycerz holds proper permission to use the data presented in this Service. Using data presented in this Service for commercial purposes requires the written consent of a person representing Śpiący Rycerz company each and every time.
  5. Śpiący Rycerz fully respects the privacy and personal information protection of Service users. In order to use this Service, Users do not need to provide any sort of data, allowing for their identification.
  6. Śpiący Rycerz is authorized to make alterations of this documents at any time. These alterations are binding from the day of their publication on the website.

§2 Confidentiality

  1. Śpiący Rycerz, in accordance with regulations in force, provides the observance of confidentiality referring in particular to information provided during using services or data concerning Users, as well as information about services rendered for particular Users, if the aforementioned is not public by principle or its disclosure is not necessary for proper rendering of services to which it refers. The aforementioned information may be disclosed exclusively in circumstances specified in the legal acts.
  2. Confidential information may be processed by Śpiący Rycerz, if:
    • it is the subject of the service rendered to Users, or
    • it is necessary for its proper completion or supervision over proper functioning of Tele-information system of Śpiący Rycerz, or
    • the Parties did not agree otherwise in the Contract.
  3. Śpiący Rycerz observes due diligence in the scope justified by technical or economic conditions, while securing tele-information equipment, networks or data bases, against disclosure of personal information as understood in this paragraph.

§ 3 Personal data protection

  1. Śpiący Rycerz is the administrator of personal data as understood in the Act of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (that is, Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended). Personal data is kept and processed by Śpiący Rycerz in the seat of the administrator or the seat of the subject processing data upon order, using proper security means, conforming to the requirements of Polish law.
  2. Providing personal information is voluntary.
  3. Personal data collected in this Service shall be used only and exclusively in the scope, for which the User granted consent in the process of data collection. Personal information of Users are processed by Śpiący Rycerz for the purpose of Contract fulfilment as well as for marketing purposes.
  4. Śpiący Rycerz provides the fulfilment of rights stemming from the Act of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (that is, Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended), and in particular, it allows its Users to view their own personal data, make corrections and allows for- in circumstances specified in the Act- submitting written justified claim for discontinuation of personal data processing or for demurral concerning data processing for marketing purposes or concerning the transfer of data to some other data administrator.
  5. Any mail concerning personal data processing shall be sent by Users to the following address: Śpiący Rycerz ul. Racławicka 15/19, 53-149 Wrocław, Polska, with postscript „Personal Information”

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